I Dream of Zihuatanejo

I Dream of Zihuatanejo

Around 1988 I spent a month living in Zihuatanejo Mexico, just hanging out and sometimes surfing with friends, and a serendipitous sailing trip up to Manzanillo. This is from a sketch I made of my favorite part of town.
This is also the very first painting I ever sold on Ebay. I can see what was appealing, and have tried to angle my work towards this surrealist feel.

About Art by Lowell

I am an artist who specializes in impressionist and cubist oil painting. I am also a musician who performs under the stage name of Luis Sabor, singing, playing acoustic guitar, and the percussion instrument Guiro. I currently call Victoria, Texas home and like to travel throughout Central America, where I meet wonderful people, hear wonderful music, and get ideas for a sustainable living project in the Sonoran Desert. View all posts by Art by Lowell

2 responses to “I Dream of Zihuatanejo

  • Sophy

    Oh, pretty painting! And I really like the reference to Shawshank redemption!

    • Art by Lowell

      Thanks! I really liked Shawshank Redemption (“you can get busy living or…) but I actually did live in Zihuatanejo for a month (even before the movie came out) it happens to be my favorite place in the world so far. You should check it out if you have the chance. Yours, Lowell

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