A Dreaming Recap

            I would just like to recap the major points I’ve been talking about regarding dreams and how to make them real.

1)     Dreams come from God.


2)     God is way too complicated for us to understand.


3)     Infinity is really big.  As a result, the possibilities are endless.


4)     There is a difference between fanciful dreaming and constructive dreaming.


5)     What you do today will affect the person you become tomorrow.


6)     The Universe will help you if you try.


7)     Badly planned pursuits of dreams may lead to uncomfortable situations.


8)     Often your dreams lead you to unexpected results, but personal growth will result from your failures.


9)     Well planned dreaming can result in great achievements.

About Art by Lowell

I am an artist who specializes in impressionist and cubist oil painting. I am also a musician who performs under the stage name of Luis Sabor, singing, playing acoustic guitar, and the percussion instrument Guiro. I currently call Victoria, Texas home and like to travel throughout Central America, where I meet wonderful people, hear wonderful music, and get ideas for a sustainable living project in the Sonoran Desert. View all posts by Art by Lowell

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