Help Make My Dream Real


       My big dream then, is to travel through Central America playing my music in exchange for room and board, until I arrive in Lima, Peru.  Once there, I hope to get a good gig in a fine hotel, where I could live for a couple of months and be able to spend time with my son.  This is a pretty outrageous dream, I know, and that’s why I need your help.  In fact, this is the main reason I put together my website and started this blog.  I need help of various kinds, from friends and acquaintances.


            First of all, I need to sell my inventory of oil paintings (can’t take ‘em with me) or perhaps find a business who would like to display them for several months.  I would be willing to drive several hours from Tucson to deliver these paintings, if anyone knows of such a place.  While I travel I plan to try my hand at watercolors—they take up much less space.


            Secondly, I need contacts throughout my route—in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, and most importantly Peru.  Any contact is super, but especially valuable would be folks in the hospitality industry—hotels, restaurants, tourist agencies.  Also, if anyone has visited these countries and knows of a groovin’ spot where I might play, or where tourists “in the know” like to gather, this would be great  information.


            Lastly, and this is so easy for all of you.  Favorite my website (not my blog) or otherwise attach to your site.  This is crucial for my site to show up in searches, something to do with Search Engine Optimization.  I need people to find my site, buy paintings and video downloads, follow my blog, help with all of the above, and become part of my Great Dream.  I am most humbly yours, Lowell  (aka Luis)


About Art by Lowell

I am an artist who specializes in impressionist and cubist oil painting. I am also a musician who performs under the stage name of Luis Sabor, singing, playing acoustic guitar, and the percussion instrument Guiro. I currently call Victoria, Texas home and like to travel throughout Central America, where I meet wonderful people, hear wonderful music, and get ideas for a sustainable living project in the Sonoran Desert. View all posts by Art by Lowell

4 responses to “Help Make My Dream Real

  • raburcke

    Reblogged this on Ralphie´s Portal and commented:
    I hope reblogging your article helps, my fellow blogger. Happy trails!

  • Rich

    Good for you Lowell! Some reply’s to your requests.

    1. Check out, This is a place were you can tell people about a Dream or Project you have and you could get the funding you need to carry out the project. Artistic ventures are popular… but you have to make it a good sell.

    2. I have some friends in Costa Rica, they own a Hostel/Apts.(Papagayo’s) in Ojochal CR. Owner’s name is Randy. Check it out!

    3. Put some videos on YouTube and other video sites about your products…Keyword the titles and descriptions and link it back to the website or order page. (Excellent SEO).

    You could use some paid advertising – (Very Fast and Very Targeted) to get people to your products page.

    The JV or consignment with others is a good idea.

    Hope this helps… “Action beats a perfect plan!”

  • AdN

    Hi Lowell! I also had a dream and little money for i, but through the goodness of people I could make it happen. I had to trust in that goodness, but it eventually turned out OK for me. I suppose you know of CouchSurfing. I did it through Asia and had the most amazing trip, much better that I would have had by staying in hotels. Maybe with your skills, you could also find people to give you food, not just a place to sleep… I also wrote about my experiences, by in my mother tongue so my parents can enjoy, step by step, my journey… Anyway, good luck!

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