Journey Through Latin America (Part 11)

The journey continues.  First of all I would like to thank those of you who chipped in to buy me a new camera after my previous one broke.  I didn´t think I would be blogging much without photos.  As a result the only town I won´t be able to share photos of is Playa Coco, Costa Rica, and it was a beautiful, if overpriced, spot.DV IMAGE

I did stay in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua over a week, although the constant partying at the Surfing Donkey was not my style.  They started playing music before noon, so I started playing guitar and singing after breakfast to get mine in, and later many guests communicated the pleasure they had in waking up to my music.  Otherwise I played outside on the sidewalk or on a bench in the plaza. I met some outstanding people at Surfing Donkey, however, and I actually had a shot of rum and a beer my last night, the first in 12 years!   That night we had a big barbecue featuring mahi mahi and shrimp kebabs, and the hostel filled up and was roaring even more than usual.  I was ready to leave for Costa Rica the next morning.DV IMAGE

The chicken bus ride to the main highway was short and cheap, and I of course met someone as I was leaving that I had met before in Granada.  I waved off the taxi that offered to take me to the border, so he offered the ride for $2 and I accepted.  The ride was short, but the line to enter Costa Rica immigration was very long, like a half hour wait I think.  From there it was easy to catch a bus to Liberia, and guess what? no chicken buses in Costa Rica! it was a comfortable ride.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The Hotel Liberia was nice and mellow and clean, and I lucked into a dorm room with no roommate for $10.  The food here in Costa Rica is expensive however, and it is just a given to spend at least $5 a meal here.  Keeping to my $20 a day budget will be next to impossible.

I enjoyed a wonderful rainstorm and cool cloudy, windy day in Liberia, then left to the coast nearby.  Playa del Coco is beautiful but the food is even more expensive, and the place is crawling with tourists who apparently don´t mind paying the inflated prices.  I stayed in the one of the few hostels that had dorms for $10 an night, but it was pretty ugly in that section.  The owner said he was planning to tear that building down in a month or so and put in a swimming pool.  Here is where I pulled out my camera to discover that the lens had dropped down and was incapable of taking photos.  The next day I decided to go back to Liberia and hang out there a while.







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