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Space Time

We exist in space-time.  We humans are aware of four dimensions, the fourth being time.  Now quantum physicists declare that more dimensions exist, indeed they must exist for their mathematical formulae to work.  I don’t want to get into the implications of that now, but it certainly puts an interesting twist on things doesn’t it?  So here we are in space-time, forever and ever.  That’s right, each point in space-time exists forever…. well, forever is a temporal term, but what I mean to say is that we are fixed—everything is just the way it always (oops, temporal) is at this moment in space-time.  I am writing this here and now—its what I do.  Interestingly, these words exist in a much larger point in space-time, not only here and now, but also when and where you are reading them.  That’s what makes words so powerful—they can occupy vast expanses of space-time.

Where I am trying to go with this is to show that you and I are who we are right now.  I am not the boy sitting in a tree or the young man jumping naked off of a cliff, I just have memories of those guys.  Those guys are not me, but they were instrumental in forming who I am, just as I have the responsibility of leading myself towards another person at another point in space-time, the future.  So one of the key elements of good dreaming is to visualize the needs of your future self, which is not so easy.  Just try not to screw yourself.  Don’t give this future person a hangover or an enemy just to please your id or your ego.


Why I love Cuba!!!

Awesome concert (skip intro)

Natural Awakenings Tucson – Sweat Lodge Offers Physical and Spiritual Cleansing


 Natural Awakenings Tucson – Sweat Lodge Offers Physical and Spiritual Cleansing

I’ve been attending this sweat lodge whenever I can for the last two years.  Its really great for shedding toxins and negativity.  I always have a better view of whats really important to me afterwards.

Lost Things

Doodles and Daydreams


Do you like stop-motion films? Well, this is a little stop-motion video that has captured my heart. Maybe it’s because I love Alison Sudol and A Fine Frenzy, who happens to be the one composing this lovely piece of music to the video. And yes, she is that beautiful red-haired girl featured in this clip.


Or maybe it is just the quirky nature of the video, and its message that drew my attention. Entitled ‘Lost Things’, it speaks to me of a fantastical journey to escape the banalities of this world and recover the many “lost” things like happiness, excitement, imagination etc. And I absolutely LOVE the reference to Alice in Wonderland…how she fell down the rabbit hole into a Wonderland of surprises and fun! I can almost hear her muttering “Curiouser and curiouser” to herself. Notice especially the remarkable hairstyle and dress changes in the video –…

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For anyone who has not seen this is the easiest explanation I have found…

If you have the patience, all will be explained


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I Dream of Zihuatanejo

I Dream of Zihuatanejo

Around 1988 I spent a month living in Zihuatanejo Mexico, just hanging out and sometimes surfing with friends, and a serendipitous sailing trip up to Manzanillo. This is from a sketch I made of my favorite part of town.
This is also the very first painting I ever sold on Ebay. I can see what was appealing, and have tried to angle my work towards this surrealist feel.

My New Website

Still sweating away with this ZenCart format, but I am somewhat satisfied with the general layout here:
Of course I have a great deal more to do, but I think I’ll wait until the book on ZenCart arrives.

Here’s one of my favorite Adobe series paintings, sold long ago:



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