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Journey Through Latin America (Part 7)


This is Alegria, Usulutan, El Salvador which is a small town perched high up the side of a volcano.  I arrived by bus from Playa San Diego via Comalapa, Usulutan, and Santiago de Maria.  I found the hostel I was looking for right on the main square where the bus let me off, but it was a little pricey, so I crossed the plaza to Hotel Las Palmas, which gave me a private room with bath for $10 a night.


It is pleasantly cool in Alegria and I enjoyed walking about and taking photos of the tremendous view.  I had to include one featuring the numerous coffee plants growing everywhere.  I don´t usually drink coffee, but the restaurant at breakfast offered locally grown coffee and … nothing else.  It was quite good.




After a filling breakfast including gallo pinto, delicious fried plantains, and salty eggs with fresh rolls, I set off by foot to climb the volcano.  This is why I came to Alegria, you can visit the volcano with just a 45 minute walk from your hotel. It was a beautiful walk on a cobblestoned road winding through a forest full of coffee and other tropical food plants.  The gatekeeper to Laguna Alegria charged me 25 cents (una cora) and I got a shot of his animal pal.



The lake in the middle of the volcano´s crater is a beautiful bright green due to the high sulphur content.  Because of this the water is considered to have curative powers, which may be why some equestrians brought their steeds here to give them a swim.  It took me some time, but I finally found one smoking fumarole to give evidence of the volcanos active state.  I assume there are other days when the area is more impressive in that regard.



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