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More on God…

            You might assume from my previous post that I’m not a Christian, but I am.  I’m also a Buddhist.  I just don’t happen to believe that any individual could be God, and everything else Not-God.  God, by creating the Universe (or Multiverse) is everything.  Nothing and no one is separate from God.  You and I are part of God.  And if we humans are the image of God, it is because we are conscious.  Perhaps we are, collectively, the consciousness of God on this physical plane. 

            You might be surprised to learn that nothing in Matthew, Mark, or Luke would contradict my point of view.  It is the Gospel of John, alone of the four, that postulates the exclusive divinity of Jesus.  Recently, I read about the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, a first century text that was outlawed by the early church leaders and was recently re-discovered in Egypt, along with several other Gnostic texts.  The scholar who wrote the book I read actually considers the possibility that Thomas (“Doubting Thomas”) may have been defamed in the Gospel of John for being contradictory.  It appears that many of the Gnostic texts espouse the belief that Jesus was teaching his followers how to attain divinity, to be equal to him, a Son of God.  Curiously, this is just what the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart, a great spiritual authority of the Middle Ages, was preaching.  Meister Eckhart sermonized on the importance of detachment in order to be part of the One.  This is just what Buddhism is all about.  No, Buddha wasn’t a God, in fact Buddhists believe there have been many Buddhas, including Jesus.  Buddha is just a term that means “enlightened one.”

            Do I believe in Jesus?  Of course, no one else has impacted the course of human history as he has.  He was the Messiah of whom the prophets foretold.  What’s more, his Spirit has been a force of good on our planet for millennia.  And it is the Spirit that matters (pun?)  For if you really become detached, and contemplate “reality,” it is obvious that everything is an illusion, or a delusion of our minds.  There is nothing solid—quantum physics has proven that.  So we are Spirits.  And we are One, just pretending to be separate.  Perhaps God is just having a bit of fun.  Oh, and I don’t buy into the whole “battle between good and evil” scenario. 

            May the Spirit of Jesus the Christ live within you, and may all beings attain enlightenment.  Amen


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