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Cloud Horses


Oil on Canvas

30 ”  x   40″


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Laura’s Marbles




Birth of Birds


Ocean of Cubes


Red Cube



Favorite Adobe Abodes


Adobe #9


Adobe #14


Adobe #19


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Adobe #42


Adobe #43


Blue Tones



Oil on Canvas

11″ x 14″

This Painting for Sale

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

Hi, I just re-opened my online store after spending the last few months travelling through Central America.  Now I need to sell some Art!

I am offering this painting of Marilyn Monroe at a special price to attract new customers.  This style of pointelism takes months to complete a painting!

The Chick

The Chick

This is the first painting I made in what I coined the Matrix Pointelist style. It is from a newsprint photo of a local singer named Anneke Speller, but the guys around the house always referred to it as “the chick.”

Impenetrable Obstacle

            I have discovered a shocking piece of information that has caused me to re-think my dream of traveling the length of Central America on my way to Peru. Of course I’m not the first person to conceive of the idea to take the Pan-American Highway from one end to the other. Perhaps someone has even started in Alaska and ended up in Patagonia, Chile. Anyone that has, will have encountered one great, impenetrable obstacle to their plan: what is known as the Darien Gap. Apparently the roads south of the Panama Canal Zone dwindle down to nothing, followed by hundreds of miles of solid, primordial jungle. Even if it is not true that you have to have a machete or chainsaw to cross into Columbia and beyond, there are plenty of other reasons not to attempt it. The sparse population reportedly consists of criminals, guerillas, DEA, indigenous tribes zealous to protect their hunting grounds, and various other types that are far from hospitable to strangers.
               I knew about Darien long ago, and had no delusions of facing that much adventure. I figured a flight from Panama to Bogota, Columbia wouldn’t be more than a few hundred dollars. Wrong. THIS is what I find shocking: from all my preliminary searches, flights from Panama to Columbia, or Costa Rica to Ecuador, or any other likely way to jump the Gap, are roughly the same price as flights directly from Tucson, AZ to Lima, Peru!! Supposedly there was once a couple of discount airlines that offered reasonable flights, but they’ve been bought out by the big boys. It appears that any flight, regardless of distance, that connects North America to South America costs at least $750 plus taxes and fees. I really find this hard to digest.
                So this is what causes me to re-think my dream. I had a vision of becoming a human bridge, connecting friends and acquaintances from North America to South America. Well, I suppose that is still possible, but I don’t think I can do it in one trip. Perhaps building a bridge between cultures will require forming a solid foundation in Northern Mexico and Peru, then slowly branching further afield year after year. And maybe, just maybe, by the time I reach Panama there will be another discount airline in operation.

My Great Dream

            Some of you may be wondering if I’m going anywhere with this Dream Reality stuff, and the answer is: YES.  I’ve had many grand dreams I still want to share with you, but this one is persistent and imminent.  For years I’ve dreamed of traveling from Mexico through Central America to South America, not just once, but several times along the same route.  My dream is to become a human bridge—connecting cultures throughout the Americas.  Later, but still for several years now, I added to this dream the desire to establish mini-bookstores along the route, for the promotion of literacy.  But first things first.

            The reason this dream is now imminent I will explain.  My ex-wife, who is Peruvian, has moved back to Lima, taking my 8-yr old son with her.  I don’t blame her, she has a very supportive family there, and I think my son will benefit in many ways.  But I want to live there too, to be near him, at least for a few months out of each year.

            I have an idea that I could defray the costs, if not support myself entirely, with my solo music act—Luis Sabor.  Getting good gigs will not be easy, however, so here is my plan:  If I could travel through Central America on my way to Peru, performing my music in hotels and restaurants all along the way, I believe I could become a phenomenon! 

            Well, perhaps that’s too big a dream, but at least I could gather enough references and experience to make an impressive resume.

Space Time

We exist in space-time.  We humans are aware of four dimensions, the fourth being time.  Now quantum physicists declare that more dimensions exist, indeed they must exist for their mathematical formulae to work.  I don’t want to get into the implications of that now, but it certainly puts an interesting twist on things doesn’t it?  So here we are in space-time, forever and ever.  That’s right, each point in space-time exists forever…. well, forever is a temporal term, but what I mean to say is that we are fixed—everything is just the way it always (oops, temporal) is at this moment in space-time.  I am writing this here and now—its what I do.  Interestingly, these words exist in a much larger point in space-time, not only here and now, but also when and where you are reading them.  That’s what makes words so powerful—they can occupy vast expanses of space-time.

 Where I am trying to go with this is to show that you and I are who we are right now.  I am not the boy sitting in a tree or the young man jumping naked off of a cliff, I just have memories of those guys.  Those guys are not me, but they were instrumental in forming who I am, just as I have the responsibility of leading myself towards another person at another point in space-time, the future.  So one of the key elements of good dreaming is to visualize the needs of your future self, which is not so easy.  Just try not to screw yourself.  Don’t give this future person a hangover or an enemy just to please your id or your ego.


Dream Reality

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you. — Marsha Norman

 I wanted to name my blog Dream Reality (but it was taken) because that reflects on the way I have lived my life, and best describes the purpose for which I am speaking to you here.  All my life I have been blessed by a vivid imagination, especially with regards to my future.  I have always been contemplative, and remember my favorite childhood moments as when I was up in a tree or under a bush, just being.  Most of my life I have been very disappointed, if not outright depressed, by my situation at present.  In contemplating how to better my life, I thought out various possible future scenarios.  This is what I call good dreaming, for there are many ways and types of dreams.   There are night dreams, fantasy dreams, dreams of lust and envy, and even self-destructive dreams.  What I am speaking to you about here are good, constructive dreams, which lead you to where you want to, or at least need to be.  I have come to believe that these dreams do not originate from our intellect, but from God.  OK, now that you’ve rolled your eyes, let me point out that everyone has their own beliefs on what and what not God is.  I personally do not believe in an anthropomorphic God (look it up.)  I could just as easily say Universe, or Great Spirit, but these are all semantics, and therefore will be misunderstood to some degree regardless.  I could go on about God and Semantics, and plan to on future entries, but for now I don’t want to digress.

What I want to say now is that, looking back on my life, I can see what a profound effect dreams have had on my life.  They are what made me who I am, and I am the result of following these dreams.  Along the way, spending my time contemplating reality and life, I have fallen into the camp of believing that Everything is a Dream.  If you’ve studied the least bit of quantum mechanics, then this point of view actually makes sense.  So I hope I can convince you to read my blog and through these words, consider the powerful effects of dreams on our lives, for we all dream, because that’s what this life is all about.  And if you are not satisfied with the way your life is going, I hope I can shed some little ray of light on how you can improve your own good dreaming.  May your personal dream come true.

Painting from a photo I took while visiting Real de Catorce, Mexico

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