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Space In A Museum


Oil on Canvas   30″  x  30″

Salmon & Sage


Oil on Canvas   30″  x  30″

San Juan Del Sur


Oil on Canvas      30″  x  40″

Cloud Horses


Oil on Canvas

30 ”  x   40″

More Abstracts & Stuff




Laura’s Marbles




Birth of Birds


Ocean of Cubes


Red Cube



Favorite Adobe Abodes


Adobe #9


Adobe #14


Adobe #19


Adobe #23


Adobe #42


Adobe #43


Blue Tones



Oil on Canvas

11″ x 14″

This Painting for Sale

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

Hi, I just re-opened my online store after spending the last few months travelling through Central America.  Now I need to sell some Art!

I am offering this painting of Marilyn Monroe at a special price to attract new customers.  This style of pointelism takes months to complete a painting!

The Chick

The Chick

This is the first painting I made in what I coined the Matrix Pointelist style. It is from a newsprint photo of a local singer named Anneke Speller, but the guys around the house always referred to it as “the chick.”

Impenetrable Obstacle

            I have discovered a shocking piece of information that has caused me to re-think my dream of traveling the length of Central America on my way to Peru. Of course I’m not the first person to conceive of the idea to take the Pan-American Highway from one end to the other. Perhaps someone has even started in Alaska and ended up in Patagonia, Chile. Anyone that has, will have encountered one great, impenetrable obstacle to their plan: what is known as the Darien Gap. Apparently the roads south of the Panama Canal Zone dwindle down to nothing, followed by hundreds of miles of solid, primordial jungle. Even if it is not true that you have to have a machete or chainsaw to cross into Columbia and beyond, there are plenty of other reasons not to attempt it. The sparse population reportedly consists of criminals, guerillas, DEA, indigenous tribes zealous to protect their hunting grounds, and various other types that are far from hospitable to strangers.
               I knew about Darien long ago, and had no delusions of facing that much adventure. I figured a flight from Panama to Bogota, Columbia wouldn’t be more than a few hundred dollars. Wrong. THIS is what I find shocking: from all my preliminary searches, flights from Panama to Columbia, or Costa Rica to Ecuador, or any other likely way to jump the Gap, are roughly the same price as flights directly from Tucson, AZ to Lima, Peru!! Supposedly there was once a couple of discount airlines that offered reasonable flights, but they’ve been bought out by the big boys. It appears that any flight, regardless of distance, that connects North America to South America costs at least $750 plus taxes and fees. I really find this hard to digest.
                So this is what causes me to re-think my dream. I had a vision of becoming a human bridge, connecting friends and acquaintances from North America to South America. Well, I suppose that is still possible, but I don’t think I can do it in one trip. Perhaps building a bridge between cultures will require forming a solid foundation in Northern Mexico and Peru, then slowly branching further afield year after year. And maybe, just maybe, by the time I reach Panama there will be another discount airline in operation.

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