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This Painting for Sale

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

Hi, I just re-opened my online store after spending the last few months travelling through Central America.  Now I need to sell some Art!

I am offering this painting of Marilyn Monroe at a special price to attract new customers.  This style of pointelism takes months to complete a painting!

The Chick

The Chick

This is the first painting I made in what I coined the Matrix Pointelist style. It is from a newsprint photo of a local singer named Anneke Speller, but the guys around the house always referred to it as “the chick.”

Psychic Event

Tchiya Amet

I had an interesting experience the other day.  I was meditating, as I do every morning, and it was going well.  Unlike most days, I was not as distracted by memories, desires, or fictional characters from movies or books.  I was in a peaceful state, approaching “no thought.”  A feeling came upon me, along with an idea that in around 10 minutes some “event” was going to take place.  Hmmm, I thought…what kind of event could occur? Probably the phone will ring, perhaps someone will knock on the door, or I suppose there could be a power outage.  Sometimes when I finish meditating it is exactly at the half-hour mark, maybe that’s all it is.  So I kept at peace for a space I felt was about 10 minutes, then I turned my head to look at the clock.  It was 10:28. Well, I guess that’s close enough, I thought, so I stretched my legs and started getting the blood flowing again.  Then the phone rang.  Wow, I thought, that’s cool.  I answered the phone, and it was Tchiya Amet, a fabulous indigenous reggae musician, who had never called me before, and we hadn’t communicated even by email in a couple of years.  She said she had been trying to send an email for the last 15 minutes, but for some reason the computer wasn’t cooperating.  She asked me if I would like to do the artwork for a new CD she is going to release soon.  Well yeah!  I would say that was a significant “event.”

A Dreaming Recap

            I would just like to recap the major points I’ve been talking about regarding dreams and how to make them real.

1)     Dreams come from God.


2)     God is way too complicated for us to understand.


3)     Infinity is really big.  As a result, the possibilities are endless.


4)     There is a difference between fanciful dreaming and constructive dreaming.


5)     What you do today will affect the person you become tomorrow.


6)     The Universe will help you if you try.


7)     Badly planned pursuits of dreams may lead to uncomfortable situations.


8)     Often your dreams lead you to unexpected results, but personal growth will result from your failures.


9)     Well planned dreaming can result in great achievements.

God is….

Dear God, God bless you, OMG, gosh darn it—the word is ubiquitous, and yet people rarely speak of the subject itself anymore, mostly because one is so easily misunderstood.  Touchy subject, lots of beliefs and interpretations.  They say that religion is on the decline, maybe so, but I don’t think that necessarily means that people are atheists, or even agnostics.  It’s just that everyone has a different view of who or what God is, and don’t feel comfortable having someone tell them they will be eternally damned for disagreeing with them.  One doesn’t choose what to believe, honestly, one believes what one believes.  If you can find a religion that conforms completely with your personal beliefs, well, you are blessed.  Also, there is that phenomenon known as blind faith.

            Lately I’ve heard the term “personal God” used, as in “…don’t believe in a…”  I think I know what they mean, but that term doesn’t work for me.  I would rather say I don’t believe in an anthropomorphic God.  That is to say that, to me, God is so much bigger and more complicated than a human that it is extremely vain to assume God could be encapsulated in our form.  I could say that God is the Universe—that’s pretty big.  Lately, however, I’ve heard that quantum physicists are considering the possibility that there are more than one—a Multiverse if you will.

            I enjoy contemplating Infinity, something rather difficult for our little human minds to comprehend.  If you look at our galaxy, there are more stars than we could possibly count.  Then, if you look at the Universe, there are countless galaxies!  Looking inward is just as daunting.  No matter how small a particle the physicists find, there appears to be something smaller, and with more empty space in between.  Infinity means there is no end—to anything.  Consider this:  it is mathematically possible for anything we can imagine to exist, somewhere out there in Infinity.  Then, if you consider the possibility of other dimensions, ones that may not conform to our “laws” of physics, well, there is an infinite number of possibilities.  This is God’s realm of existence.


original oil available at artbylowell.com

Do you KNOW what I mean?

Ahh, semantics. This is a major stumbling block in the world today. Communication is the key, everyone agrees, but how can we know what each other mean when we all have different meanings for the same words? Take the word “semantics” itself—I know what I mean, but I don’t even know the definition. Let me look it up: semantics n. – the meaning, or an interpretation of the meaning, of a word, sign, sentence, etc. Yup, pretty much what I thought, how about you? I like the bit about “an interpretation of the meaning”— you see, that’s where it gets goofed up. We all have to make a rapid interpretation of everything we hear. So rapid in fact that we couldn’t possibly think, consciously, about meanings as we hear them. We have to rely, with incredible faith, on what our brain “feels” about what was said. “Feels?” yeah, I had to stop and think a moment after writing that. We have an extremely complex structure of associations, memories and emotions attached to every word we have learned. The common ones are so ingrained with repetition that their meanings are fairly secure, but others might actually remind you of the person or group with which you first heard them utilized. Yet we have to rely on a split-second interpretation of these words within the context of the situation. From this accomplishment alone I believe we all deserve some respect!
Now let me be chauvinist for a moment (whoa! Emotions! How do you feel about that word?) I’ve noticed, in my near half-century on the planet, that you ladies tend to make far more rapid interpretations of words than the average guy. That can be really great when the interpretation is correct. Unfortunately for me, I’ve often chosen the wrong word and find myself hearing a response to something I didn’t mean to say. This is one reason I’ve enjoyed being a foreigner amongst foreigners—we are less likely to assume we understand what each other mean.

 The emotional associations are what make communication difficult, especially with words that have a plethora (like that?) of connotations. This is why a person can hardly use the word “God” in society anymore—there are just too many possible meanings, and way too much emotion attached. Then there are hot-button words, like “liberal” and “conservative” (you just got an attitude, didn’t you?) Words are such fun, charming, gay, sincere, ubiquitous, colloquial, mystical, numinous, sublime inventions. Know what I mean?

original oil painting available at artbylowell.com

Tatum by Luis Sabor

I invented the alias “Luis Sabor” after talking to a professional artist and gallery owner about my different painting styles.  He recommended I distance myself from the matrix pointelist works, as it would drive me insane if it became popular ( it is very meticulous work and takes months to finish one painting, years usually)  So what I did was invent Luis Sabor to represent my matrix pointelist works (I copy the dot matrix from black/white newsprint photos.)
Later I started using Luis as my travel name in Latin America, as Lowell was difficult for most Spanish speakers to remember or even pronounce.  Then, when I started performing my solo acoustic act, I decided Luis Sabor was a much flashier persona, and I enjoy being Luis now.
Here is a painting in the matrix pointelist style from a photo of Tatum O’Neal.

             visit my new website: www.artbylowell.com


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