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Oil on Canvas for CD Cover Art

A Dream Realized

The difference between good dreaming and fantasizing is thinking and planning.  Let me give you an example of one of my earliest successful dream accomplishments.  It was somewhere around the summer of ’84 and some friends of mine had just spent 3 months touring Europe.  Of course I couldn’t do that, but my brother Nathan was in the USAF at the time, stationed in England, and I was wishing I could go visit him.  I had no money, but I was waiting tables at Chuys and could make $100 in tips on a good day.  I was thinking—where does all the money go?  Well, most of it went to pay rent and utilities.  If I could somehow not have those expenses, even for a month, I could save enough for a trip to England, staying at my brother’s place.  Hmmm….if I didn’t have a place to live, where could I sleep? In my car? 

            Well, I did it.  I packed up what little furniture I had and stored it at my parents’ house.  I spent weekends there too.  I remember a night on the beach at Port Aransas.  I did what one hippy waitress at Chuys called “the couch circuit.”  Funny thing is I only remember two nights spent on friends’ couches, and only one in my car.  Where did I stay the rest of the time?  Nowhere remarkable I guess, good or bad.  Next thing you know, I’m huddled under my leather jacket with an English girl at the Monsters of Rock concert at Castle Donnington.  So serendipitous.  It seems the Universe applauds you when you commit to your dream.  Of course I hadn’t planned everything perfectly, hence my finding myself alone in a train station at 2AM in the English hinterlands waiting for the morning connection to anywhere.  Here’s some more synchronicity:  on the way back to Texas, I’m at the airport in Newark when up walks Danielle, the waitress at Chuys I just happen to be in love with at the time.  And our seats were next to each other flying back to Austin, well, her boyfriend was between us, but still….what was the Universe saying?  I dunno, maybe  “ look what you could have if you weren’t so stoned?” 

One of my more surreal works.

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