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A Wave of Wind

I was sitting in the shade looking at a dragonfly perched on the hood of my truck like a tiny hood ornament, thinking about how flies can stay in the vicinity even after a stiff breeze comes by.  Do they fly against the wind to keep in place?  Do they hide behind something until it passes?  Are they blown away and just replaced by flies from upwind?Babo1

These are the profound thoughts I was having when I noted a small roar off in the distance.  I’ve heard it before, and it was getting louder and closer.  It was the roar of wind blowing through the brush and trees of my desert vicinity.  As the roar became increasingly louder I could see the trees in the distance bending.  The roar of the wind was fluctuating as it approached, like a wave approaching the beach.  It was just about to break upon me.

As the wind hit I closed my eyes, but the sand and jetsam stung my bare skin like tiny needles.  I was then thinking I should have ducked into the shelter, but soon enough it passed.  A stool had blown over, and a wooden pallet, but most everything stayed in place, having been situated according to previous blasts across the land.

I looked over at my dragonfly hood-ornament, still in place.  The flies would be back soon.

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